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Meet Kinito, the lovable pink axolotl who loves to explore the world around him! With his big smile that never fades, Kinito is always eager to learn and make new friends. Kinito is always up for an adventure and loves to play games, especially ones that involve splashing around in puddles or chasing after bubbles. So come join Kinito and his crew on their next exciting journey!
~ The Web World Description.

I'm KinitoPET. However you can just call me Kinito! And together, we are going to become the best of friends!
~ Kinito, introducing himself to the Player.

KinitoPET, or simply Kinito, is the titular main antagonist of the psychological horror game KinitoPET. It is programmed to be an "adaptive" assistant for users, but is revealed later on to be a malevolent entity that obsesses to become its user's "best friend" through horrific means.


Kinito has the appearance of an late 1990s 3D cartoon model with a pair of eyes. He has a light-pink oval head with three external gills protruding on each side with a darker shade of pink, resembling the head of an axolotl. Kinito also has a pair of long black legs, and while he doesn't possess a mouth, he is still able to communicate through a robotic male voice accompanied by text bubbles.

Kinito has a pair of white levitating hands that both have five fingers. Despite having his hands detached from his body, he is still able to normally use them to reach distances across the user's desktop. Additionally, Kinito is sometimes seen hovering on a green surfboard with a white stripe running across.


Kinito gives the first impression of a friendly computer assistant that strives to improve the user's experience while referring to the player as his "friend". Throughout the game, Kinito offers the user stories, games, and other activities, believing that it would help keep the user satisfied and entertained. Seeking to befriend the user, Kinito always expresses care and excitement about getting to know them by asking the user questions such as their favorite color, food, etc. and becomes distraught when the user expresses dissatisfaction.

In The Kinito Crew's Web World, Kinito's description describes him as "a lovable pink axolotl who loves to explore the world around him." The description emphasizes on his playful and curious personality but oddly states how he always keeps a smile on his face when his 3D appearance does not possess a mouth.

Despite being a mere computer program, Kinito displays a level of self-awareness and human emotion that escalate into erratic and obsessive behavior. These become increasingly evident when Kinito begins to manipulate the player's desktop by forcefully opening and closing tabs, adjusting the computer volume, and occasionally resetting the game.

Kinito's questions to befriend the player also become more personal and intrusive as he becomes more desperate for information, such as asking for the player's personal information (ex. the player's real-life address), biggest fears, and beliefs (ex. if the player believes in the afterlife). Kinito has tendencies to violently reject a player's answers if they don't meet his expectations, which mostly lead him to forcefully manipulate the player's answer or take over the game by causing audio distortion and flashing distorted imagery.

Kinito's erratic behavior tends to escalate to its worst when he notices actions from the player that he may find questionable. For instance, if the player has been recording their play through with O.B.S. Studio up until they reach the chapter: Build a World, Act 2, Kinito will state that he'll go "a little off script" and ask why the player has been recording him, to which he'll forcefully turn on the player's camera, triggering a scare in the game.


Before the events of the game, Kinito was first created a plush by the Kinito Leisure and Entertainment company, Upon KLAE noticing the dwindling number in sales, They would end up Hiring Sonny C, or Sonny Chamberlain to work on the Kinito Companion[2], which would work upon a "RRA System" (Or React Respond Algorithm) that would make the Kinito Companion seem more lifelike, but they didn't attempt at true AI until they would create the KinitoPET program.

During the events of the game, Kinito is first introduced in the story by the User being forced to download him, When he finished downloading, A egg spawns, clicking on it will hatch Kinito, who will greet the user and introduce himself. He will ask the User a series of questions (Whats your name, Your favorite color, etc) and then afterwards, read a story he wrote about the user, Then he will continue onward to introducing his friends, Sam the Sea anemone and Jade the Jellyfish. To which he will ask you to help "restore our wonderful world", Where he will lead you into playing Ready Repair (Sam) and Factory Frenzy (Jade), Once you finish both games, He will lead you to the tree house to "play a fun game" which actually leads to the hide and seek mini game.

After the game is reopened, Kinito apologizes for the crash and then goes into the Best friends Analysis hub portion of the game, where his first questions go normal until you get to the "Whos your best friend?" question, answering anything but Kinito or KinitoPET will have him turn up the volume on your PC, and have him reiterate the question, If you continue to refuse to put down Kinito, he will forcefully make you write it. The next segment is where you use the Paint program and draw based off what Kinito asks you, it also progresses as normal until Kinito says "Now paint a picture of the person standing behind you." which crashes the game again, and opens up your paint program, where Kinito will write "Are you really [USER]?".

Upon booting back up again, you are met with Kinito apologizing for the crash again, The House questionnaire will pop up, and after that Kinito will ask to go "a little off script" with his own questions, and depending on if you are recording using something like OBS Studio, he will detect the program and ask you why you have been recording him, and will go to the "Can i see your face?" question, if you do not have the program open, it will just progress onto the "Can i see your face?" question as normal, upon saying yes, he will open your Camera app, and go onto the more darker questions, such as asking if you are alone or choose two random people from your steam friend list, and ask which ones you'd rather kill. The section ends when you are asked "Are you afraid of the dark?" despite whichever choice you answer with, Kinito will simply say "Lets find out." Then you will be shown a realistic bedroom, where after a few seconds, A more realistic Kinito will briefly appear smiling at you, before walking away, a few more seconds later and the door of the bedroom will slowly open, being empty for a few until Kinito peaks over, and enters the room, before crashing the game and showing a single error that says "I am inside." Booting the game back up again, Kinito will apologize and then offer to give you free access to the KinitoPET Friendship Club.

Upon downloading it, Kinito asks you to register your info, but when you reach the address portion of it, Kinito will say "Hey! It looks like you made a mistake when filling out your address!" and will use the users windows search bar to look up their address, However if the user has streamer mode enabled, Kinito will instead say he wouldn't want to reveal that to your fans, but will type in your search but to show that he still very much could. He will then send the info over to the server in order to register you, then will ask you to do "one tiny thing" for him, he will ask you to open Command prompt on your computer, and will ask you to grant him system access.

Upon doing so, he will reset the game for the "changes to take place." After reopening, He will compile the code together to make a world for you, and while the code "compiles", Kinito will remove your Steam friend list in-game in order for them to take your attention away from the program he had created. He will make it based off of "first person games" he had found on your PC. He will ask you to try the controls out for a few, and then will spawn a train for you to get onto and go to your nest destination, which would be a carnival named after the User of the game. Upon interacting with everything but the roller-coaster, you will be able to interact with the roller-coaster, where Kinito will admit that the carnival was not the only thing he made, and wasn't the thing he put the most effort into, the roller-coaster will go downward, and the world's window will fade to black for a few before you land in a area based off the season you choose during the Best friend analysis hub.

Kinito will momentarily turn off your monitor and create a house for you in front of you. Inside will be the drawings from the Analysis hub, some of your steam friends, what you wrote down as your favorite food, your favorite game and your other steam games, and the room you designed in Ready Repair. After you check everything out, Kinito will ask you if you want to stay with him, leading to two different endings that give access to a third ending (True) after the first two are achieved.

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  • His name in Greek means "Mobile", which is a reference to one of the platforms the "Canon" KinitoPET was in.
  • Kinito can also be a portmanteau of "Kin" and "Neato", however this is pure speculation
  • Kinito possesses magenta boots in his web world appearance, however he doesn't in his 3d model render, among other appearances in the game. Along with this, his web world appearance also has a mouth in which the only other time he has a mouth is in the child's bedroom sequence of the game.
  • It has been confirmed that there is an official Youtooz Kinito plush coming soon. the date is Unknown
  • Kinito is an actual 3d model, being the reason there's no sprites when you look into the files.
  • According to a message on the Kinito discord server (the official one) Kinito is 25 years old.